Aomori : Land of Apple

        Aomori, the capital city of Aomori Prefecture, is renowned for being the best and most famous apple production city in Japan. With a cool climate and little rainfall in the summer, Aomori has become a perfect place for apple cultivation, backed by special fertilization and advanced breeding techniques. According to the Japanese, pollination of Aomori’s apples is surprisingly done by bees and full-fledged farmers will offer their special attention to the stages of blossoming and pest-controlling.


        At an early stage, as Aomori’s apples appear to be small and vulnerable, it is suggested to keep them wrapped in paper bags for a certain period of time. After that, paper bags will be removed for the apple to be exposed to sunlight, awaiting selective trimming of unnecessary leaves and branches to ensure the best quality and taste.

        Needless to say, everyone has always realized the usefulness of apples via a common English proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, which espouses people’s folk wisdom that apple consumption has identifiable health benefits. Apples help prevent serious diseases related to arteriosclerosis, for instance, heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, and high blood pressure.

        Regularly eating apples can relieve constipation. The soft and succulent pulp is easily digestible, helping your digestive system to function more smoothly. Some people even believe that eating apples regularly can prevent tooth decay. Especially for ladies, a variety of apples can provide an efficient fat-burning solution. They offer a big help for weight loss and skin nourishment. Among the most satisfying fruits, Japanese apples are high in fiber and guaranteed with great taste.

        For many people, apples are best for eating fresh. However, in some ways, they can be the main ingredient of an array of desserts and snacks, for instance, apple pie, fried wonton filled with apple, and sweet-and-sour flavored apple.

        Aomori tops the apple production in Japan and its excellent apples have highly been appreciated in several foreign countries as well.

🍎 Seikai Ichi apple is the world’s most enormous apple.

🍎 Fuji apple is distinctly red and perfectly succulent.

🍎 Sun Fuji apple is cultivated naturally without being wrapped in a paper bag, allowing them to perfectly receive sunlight and turn red.

🍎 Mutsu apple is known as the “King of Apple”.

🍎 Jonagold apple offers a perfect blend of sweet-and-sound taste.

         Aside from red apples, Japanese green apples are also second to none.

🍏 Kinsei apple is exceptionally aromatic, juicy, very sweet, and less sour

🍏 Orin apple provides a well-balanced sweet-and-sour taste with exceptional fragrance.

        Indulge yourself with wonderful taste and distinctive aroma of Japanese apples. Every single bite guarantees the most pleasant sensation you can never deny. Don’t forget that Japanese apples help burn your fat away and keep you healthy. Let’s enjoy one!