Buri or yellowtail, Let’s get to know more about this luxury fish from Japan

        Buri or yellowtail is imported fish that can be found in Japanese sea.It is more delicious and taste better in the winter season because the flesh has higher fat content and deep flavors than usual. 

        It has several names which is classified by its span of age and weight. If we would like to arrange from youngest age and lowest weight. It will start from “Inada”, fry that has weight from 10-50 gram. This can be found mostly in Kanto area, eastern Japan. And when it grows up until reach the weight of 3 kilogram. It will be called “Hamachi”. If it is even bigger and older until has the weight of 5 kilogram. We will call it “Buri”. Japanese people consider “Buri” is the most valuable and richest in flavors among all.


        Buri fish that lives naturally is different from the one that has been bred and raised by fisherman. Because living in the sea allows Buri to swim a very long distance in its lifetime. That’s a reason why its body is bigger and has a delicate texture.   There are many cooking methods that can make buri fish becomes your most delicious meal ever! It can be eaten either raw like Sashimi or well-cooked such as mixing with teriyaki, grilling with salt , boiling and shabu-shabu etc. It is a greatly appreciated fish in Japan, due to its clear flesh, sweet aftertaste and contains high nutrients such as protein, selenium and vitamin B12. An average calorie is 257 Kcal per 100 gram.

      If you are looking for a yummy quality fish, please consider “Buri” to be a part of your healthy delicious meal.