Grilled beef menu in Japanese restaurant, special for meat lover!!


    We can’t avoid saying that Japanese food has become a food trend in Thailand. And this trend is spreading very fast. One kind of Japanese restaurant that very popular for Thai people is barbecue restaurant , which is called “yakiniku” in Japanese. It is translated directly from 2 words. “焼き- yaki” means grilling and “肉-niku” means meat especially “beef”. Nowadays, there are increasing in numbers of new opening japanese restaurants that offer many of food choices to customers such as buffet and a la carte menu. For a beef lover, Nothing is better than having a bite of tender meat that is being grilled on a hot pan. It definitely appetise you by a nice smell from grilling , combined with a unique taste of grilled tender meat.

    On 29th August every year , it is an official “grilling meat day” in Japan or can also be called “焼肉の日 – yaki niku no hi”. Referred to japanese term of 8 (ya) + ki , date 2 (ni) 9 (ku). On this day, Many restaurants offer a lot of special promotions to customers. But for Thai Beef lover, everyday is our grilling beef day. There are Japanese restaurants with good discounts everywhere all over Thailand. Or we can even set up our grilling beef day on 29th every month because it’s our salary payment date. (haha)


     At first, when you arrive at the restaurant, you may easily get confused after looking in the menu due to many choices of menu or too many special promotions. Therefore, we would like to advise a simple tip but very useful for you to choose type of beef that suit your taste the most. Each type of beef is different in tenderness and texture. Besides, each restaurant has its famous special menu. If you get the right order and enjoy great choice of meat, it will get your meal a whole lot better.

A grilled beef tongue that has a firm texture. It is tender from fat content of meat. Good quality tan should be new and fresh. People tend to cook it by grilling (sliced Tan), boiling until it becomes very soft or
            making stew.

Meat that is cut from breast to stomach part. Karubi is from a Korean word because it is a famous beef cut in Korea. But in Japanese term is called Bara. Meat itself contains muscles and fat that helps meat become tender and juicy. People tend to
            cook it by grilling , Sukiyaki and Shabu-shabu

It is separated into 3 parts; Kata Roosu(Chuck loin) and Rib Roosu (Rib loin) and sir loin that is usually served without the bones and it has more meat than Karubi. It has rich flavor and juicy tenderness. You can cook it by grilling, frying, sukiyaki,
            shabu -shabu and steak.

Meat that is from stomach part. It is very tender and it contains a lot of fat content. This is the best type of beef for people who like to eat juicy meat with fat content.

It is a top round part of the cow that contains less fat but it still has tender texture. Uchimomo is a good option for people who don’t like to eat meat with fat content. You can cook it by grilling , roasting or making stew.

It is a top round part of the cow. It has only little fat and meat itself is more tough than other kind of meats. Making a soup / stew or roasting are recommended methods of cooking sotomomo.

It is a tender meat around diaphragm. And if it’s close to round part of the cow , we will call it “Sagari”. It is considered an entrail part but taste similar to beef. It has tenderness , fat content and rich in flavor.

A beef tenderloin is known as a fillet, is cut from loin of beef. It has a fine texture , mild and very tender. It is considered the best part of beef. People like to cook hire for steak or fried beef.