Hosui Pear

🍐 Fruits from Chiba Prefecture are uniquely delicious and highly popular among shoppers as they are grown naturally in a warm climate with the abundance of water resources. As a result, fruits of Chiba have become one of the Japan’s top-selling products nowadays.

🍐 In particular, the Hosui pear of Chiba is considered one of the must-try fruits, thanks to its long history of cultivation, excellent harvesting techniques, and distinctively pleasant taste.

🍐 Compared to other varieties, the Hosui pear is extraordinarily larger in size. This naturally grown fruit is even more special with its soft and succulent pulp, luscious fragrance, and sweet-and-sour flavor.

🍐 Aside from deliciousness, eating the Hosui pear is beneficial to health. It helps reduce excessive sodium obtained from daily intakes of food, lower blood pressure, relieve constipation, and prevent fever and cough. The Hosui pear also helps increase stomach acid production required for the digestion of meat, while ensuring the prevention of tooth decay and cavities.

🍐 With great taste and various benefits for health, you can always enjoy delicious bites of the Hosui pear.

🍐 Extreme succulence, tantalizing aroma, and exquisite taste of the Hosui pear can be enough to arouse your appetite at any time.

🍐 There is no need to fly to Japan. You are invited to visit the Chiba Fair to taste the Hosui pear and shop for quality edible products imported directly from Chiba Prefecture. Have a great time with your loved ones to enjoy Japan’s signature fruits and comestible products, where excellent quality and extreme deliciousness are always guaranteed.

Dasiho Hosui pear