Salmon: Better than expected

      This summer might be hotter than before, but we believe Thai people can find enjoyment in all weather conditions. However, since consuming foods which are heavy or with a high fat content might cause discomfort, we recommend trying some grilled fish dishes found at almost any Japanese restaurant. For those looking for raw materials available at the supermarket, salmon always appears to be a good choice. Due to its growing popularity in Thailand, salmon is widely provided by many supermarkets.

       Thai people are familiar with salmon, being a popular menu item in Japanese restaurants both in Japan and Thailand alike; the soft orange meat combined with stripes of sweet fat offers a unique taste that goes well with wasabi and Shoyu. Just the thought of it would trigger our desire to sit in a cold air-conditioned Japanese restaurant savoring fish dipped in Shoyu. But salmon has a lot more benefits than just as sushi and sashimi; it was also born to provide true pleasure when grilled.

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Salt-grilled salmon – perfect-sized cuts placed on a grill and cooked to perfection means the meat should stay soft, juicy and sweet with nature’s most basic seasoning – salt. Since salmon is a seawater fish and salt comes from the ocean, this simple yet unbelievably tasty combination is truly a match made in heaven and can be complimented with some lemon squeezed over the salmon for an unforgettable experience.

Soy sauce-grilled salmon – salmon meat has a tight consistency suitable for the grill as it’s easier to flip over without breaking apart. Mix Japanese soy sauce, or Shoyu, with Mirin to give a sweet or salty taste according to preference, then marinate the salmon slices for 15 minutes on each side and grill to cook. Serve with grated Japanese turnips, grilled mushrooms or vegetables depending on what is preferred.

Teriyaki-grilled salmon – similar to the Shoyu-grilled method but with Teriyaki sauce instead. Ready-made Teriyaki sauce is fine, otherwise mix Japanese Shoyu-Mirin-Sake. This is a favorite among kids since the salty-sweet taste mixed with fragrant grilled fish meat goes perfectly with a bowl of rice.

Let's check out more how Japanese people cook Salmon with this video "Salmon Meuniere" (batter shoyu)