The (not so) secret tips to make the tastiest grilling meal ever

Grilled beef, Grilled beef, Grilled beef !!

Sure, you are a beef lover. When you are feeling hungry and your body is craving for a yummy piece of beef, you definitely have to look for food to fill your empty stomach. And that’s why we are concerned about your meal! Therefore, today we would like to introduce you to several techniques that will make your beef become more delicious than it already is.


① Fire

◆ It is always a good technique to do some observing as to whether a charcoal stove is heated up enough or not. If it isn’t hot enough, it will make your piece of meat stick on a cooking grid. And this is the reason why meat turns out to be dry sometimes because the moisture level inside is a very crucial issue for the quality of juicy meat.
◆ Use a high heat in order to let it cook fast, develop flavor, as well as keep a sweetness inside your beef to maintain its deliciousness at the same time.
◆ If the stove is still not hot enough, place a piece of beef that contains high fat content first. Such as putting beef from the stomach part on the cooking grid to let its natural fat oil drop onto the charcoal to fire it up more. Or if the restaurant has a salted gyutan menu (grilled tongue of beef with salt) you can place it on before other kinds of meat because salt will clean the cooking grid and it will be more difficult to get dirty.

② Beef

Each type of beef is different in flavor, tenderness and texture. Each type of beef has its own special taste. In this article, we will introduce you generally as to how to grill different parts of beef to keep its unique deliciousness.

◆ Gyutan
(Tongue of beef) Cutting it into thick pieces is a perfect way to eat gyutan. (Of course, it depends on each person's tastes as well) Our suggestion to cook a thick gyutan is to grill one side of it longer than the other side. But if they serve thin slices of gyutan, just do the same like a thick one, but cook it for a shorter period of time or let it get grilled only on one side and no need to flip it over.
If you cook it nicely and not too long, the outside texture will be well done but inside still a little pink, maintaining the tenderness of the meat. Serving it with lemon sauce will give it a really great taste. Moreover, please don’t let gyutan cook on a stove for too long, otherwise sadly it will turn out to be dry and hard like rubber.

◆ Karubi, Katabara
A distinctive point of karubi beef is its tenderness and fat content. A mouthful of fat is crucial to the lure of carnivorousness. When grilling karubi, it is a perfect combination between its fat and the high heat of a charcoal fire that will make karubi beef taste so UMAI!! (it means delicious in Japanese). A piece of grilled karubi delivers its satisfying savouriness by the vat-load. You will feel that it literally melts in your mouth if it is grilled within the right amount of time.

◆ Roast
It has less fat content but more red meat than karubi beef. Therefore, it shouldn’t be heated for too long. The longer meat is cooked, the more liquid it loses and the tougher it gets. First of all, you just grill one side until it’s cooked then turn it over to cook on the other side for a very short time in order to retain the juiciness of the meat.

◆ Hi-re
It is the most tender kind of meat. Hire is usually in a square cut/shape. It should be grilled on all 4 sides until its texture slowly turns from pink to golden brown all over. Inside, the meat should not be well done, otherwise it will get tough and no longer be juicy.

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③ Others

◆ Every time when you grill pieces of beef on a stove or pan, make sure that it is placed on the cooking grid nicely, and grill one side of a whole piece at once to let it thoroughly cook beautifully.

◆ Be careful not to flip it over too often because it will make the beef become hard and lose its juiciness.

◆ If a cooking grid is covered in dirt and grease, it can be cleaned by wiping it off or by asking the restaurant to change it for a new one. We don’t want you to put a small piece of burned beef in your mouth. It is not even tasty. Besides, it is also dangerous for your health.

◆ The amount of beef being grilled on a cooking grid is also an important factor of the delicious taste. The longer meat is cooked, the more deliciousness it loses. That’s why you shouldn’t place too many pieces of beef on the grill at once. We suggest you invite your friends to join your yummy meal so that you can share this great moment together.

◆ It is also good advice that you should rest grilled beef on your plate for a bit before taking a bite because this way it allows the natural sweetness of beef to really come through your mouth.

◆ And why not eat it with grilled vegetables? You can even wrap your beef with vegetables such as grilled onion followed by a special sauce for grilled beef. As a result, it is an easier way to eat vegetables. Moreover, you can truly enjoy a combination of grilled beef and vegetables at their finest.