Salmon: Better than expected

on May 23 2016

Thai people are familiar with salmon, being a popular menu item in Japanese restaurants both in Japan and Thailand alike; the soft orange meat combined with stripes of sweet fat offers a unique taste that goes well with wasabi and Shoyu. Just the thought of it would trigger our desire to sit in a cold air-conditioned Japanese restaurant savoring fish dipped in Shoyu. But salmon has a lot more benefits than just as sushi and sashimi; it was also born to provide true pleasure when grilled.

The (not so) secret tips to make the tastiest grilling meal ever

on April 8 2016

Sure, you are a beef lover. When you are feeling hungry and your body is craving for a yummy piece of beef, you definitely have to look for food to fill your empty stomach. And that’s why we are concerned about your meal! Therefore, today we would like to introduce you to several techniques that will make your beef become more delicious than it already is.

Grilled beef menu in Japanese restaurant, special for meat lover!!

on April 5 2016

We can’t avoid saying that Japanese food has become a food trend in Thailand. And this trend is spreading very fast. One kind of Japanese restaurant that very popular for Thai people is barbecue restaurant , which is called “yakiniku” in Japanese. It is translated directly from 2 words. “焼き- yaki” means grilling and “肉-niku” means meat especially “beef”. Nowadays, there are increasing in numbers of new opening japanese restaurants that offer many of food choices to customers such as buffet and a la carte menu.

Small dishes that are served in Izakaya (Japanese bar)

on Mar 08 2016

Have you ever wondered why waiters have to serve you small dishes after you ordered your foods? While you are waiting for your food and beverage in Japanese bar, suddenly a waiter come to serve you small dishes that you didn’t even order. If you are in Thai restaurant, it can be assumed that a waiter serve you wrong order or come to wrong table, but in this case “Please don’t be surprised”.

Buri or yellowtail, Let’s get to know more about this luxury fish from Japan

on February 10 2016

Buri or yellowtail is imported fish that can be found in Japanese sea.It is more delicious and taste better in the winter season because the flesh has higher fat content and deep flavors than usual.