Message from CEO

Daisho Thailand Co., Ltd was established by me here in Bangkok in November 1999. Thailand has a long history as a base for food processing for the Japanese market, and it is a country rich in accumulated knowledge in the Japanese food processing industry, with many Japanese food companies and their Thai local partner companies.

Our initial business was exporting Japanese food ingredients produced in Thailand, such as sushineta (sushi toppings) and yakitori, to countries where Japanese cuisine is popular, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the UK, rather than targeting the Japanese market directly. Since then, the range of Japanese food products produced in Thailand has evolved and our products are constantly changing. However, the importance of Thailand as a processing base for Japanese food remains unchanged, and exporting these products is still one of the pillars of our business.

On the other hand, when we started our operations around the year 2000, it was the beginning of a boom in Thailand where Japanese food became popular among Thai people. To promote this trend, we have been expanding the sales of various imported Japanese food products to department stores and supermarkets. We have also been collaborating with the Japanese government and its regionary authorities to organize Japanese food fairs and introducing and supplying imported Japanese ingredients to the increasing number of Japanese restaurants and local wholesalers in Thailand. Today, Thailand is one of the leading countries where Japanese food is widely available.

In recent years, the variety of Japanese food products manufactured in Thailand has further increased, and we have been expanding sales within Thailand and to various countries in Indochina. Furthermore, we have been receiving inquiries from South Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

In addition, taking advantage of Thailand’s accumulated expertise as a Japanese food processing base, we have entered into a partnership with long-standing Japanese food manufacturers to manufacture food based on Japanese seasonings in Thailand. We believe that the fusion of traditional Japanese flavors with unique Thai spices and seasonings has the potential to create new markets.

Including our related subsidiaries, Delica Foods Co., Ltd. (a Japanese-style seafood processing factory) and Makotoya Thailand Ltd. (a wholesaler of commercial Japanese food materials), we aim to be the leading supplier of Japanese food products in Thailand and provide people in Thailand and around the world with a rich and healthy dining experience through our wonderful food culture, Japanese cuisine. We are committed to continuing our efforts as a team to achieve this.

Daisho Thailand Co., Ltd.

CEO & Managing Director

Hideki Kato



1. To export and import Japanese foodstuff
2. To supply Japanese foodstuff to supermarkets, hypermarkets, factories, hotels, restaurants etc
3. To supply many kinds of food materials/ingredients to food processing factories in Thailand.

Corporate Philosophy

The Japanese business principle of success through responsibility

In Japanese, Sanpo Yoshi means
‘Three Way Satisfaction’.

Business transactions provide
benefits to all stakeholders –
the buyer, the seller and


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