Easy Menu with Honmono Nippon EP. 3 – Okonomiyaki


Today we would like to invite everyone to enjoy some delicious Okonomiyaki or Japanese Pizza. A dish was well-known in the Osaka or Kansai region. The word “okonomiyaki” comes from the word okonomi (お好み) meaning as you like and yaki (焼き) meaning grilled, so Okonomiyaki means food that is prepared with whatever ingredients you like and grilled.

Each prefecture in Japan has its own style of making okonomiyaki, but Kansai and Hiroshima are the most well-known. It is a menu that uses only a few ingredients and the method is very easy to make. Having ready-made dough sets is even more convenient. Don’t wait, let’s start making Kansai-style okonomiyaki! ~~~

Ingredients (for 2 serves)

• Otafuku Okonomiyaki Kodawari 1 set
• Cabbage 300 g
• Egg 2 pcs.
• Pork belly 6 pcs. (about 80 grams)
• Green onion (chopped) 10 g
• Water 160 ml
• Otafuku Okonomi Sauce

How to cook.

1. Mix 1 sachet of Okonomiyaki flour with 160 ml of water. Stir well with a spoon.
2. Cut the cabbage into small strips about 3 mm wide and 2 cm long.
3. Put the cabbage, chopped ​​green onion, 2 eggs, and squid tempura batter into the batter, and mix well.
4. Pour half of the mixture into a frying pan set over medium heat. Spread it into a 2 cm thick circle (about 16 cm in diameter).
5. After about 3 minutes, place 3 slices of pork belly on top and flip over.
6. Cover the pan for about 4 minutes (so that the dough rises and is cooked through).
7. Lift the pan’s lid and flip it over once more when the batter and pork are golden browned. Grill for an additional 3 minutes to remove excess steam.
8. Finished with Otafuku okonomiyaki sauce and seaweed on top. Everything is ready to be enjoyed.