February 10th – Butadon Day

Butadon Day

February 10th – Butadon Day~~~(ぶたどんの日 , Butadon no Hi )

The pork rice bowl or Butadon that we know today originated in Tokachi, Hokkaido. Pork slices are just perfectly thick and tender. Marinate the sauce until it’s mellow and then grill it over a fragrant charcoal fire. Served over hot Japanese rice. It is one of the most famous and popular Japanese dishes around the world. The reason why February 10th is designated as Butadon Day each year originated from a play on Japanese words ぶた (2) + どん (10) pronounced Butadon, which is the same sound as “Pork rice bowl” sure enough. There will also be a public relations event about the Hokkaido pork rice bowl today in Japan.