February 6th – Green Tea Day

Green Tea Day

Have you had any green tea today?

When most people think of green tea, they think of Japan, right? Fragrant tea can be consumed hot or cold, blended, or integrated into other dishes. It’s delicious and pleasing. Japanese people place such a high importance on tea drinking that February 6th is designated as “Green Tea Day” to raise awareness of the benefits of green tea. That is rich in many benefits such as helping to cure colds, cure heat in the stomach, improve appetite, and increase good bacteria in the intestines. It can help detoxify and eliminate toxins in the intestines, helping to protect the liver from toxins and diseases. And help relax the mood, make it fresh, etc. On this day, a traditional green tea ceremony and matcha drinking ceremony are held in a Japanese village. To better understand the tea ceremony and to drink tea passed down from my ancestors.

If you still don’t know what to drink today, try brewing a cup of hot green tea.